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"What do I need a therapist for when I have you guys?!"  Carrie Bradshaw


For the person who talks you off the cliff, reminds you of your strengths, and cheers for you always, their investment and care of you is something you so appreciate!


Founders Note: Team Styled with Strength thoroughly recommends a licensed therapist in addition to your squad, even Carrie got one ;)


Letterpress text printed on a vintage printing press.

Folded Card

Inside: Blank


Brand/Product Information:

Made in the United States/ Women-Owned

Material: 100% Tree-Free Cotton Paper/ Neon Orange Envelope

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 4.3″ (14 x 10.9 cm)

Weight: 0.5 oz (13.6 g)

Unlicensed Therapist Greeting Card

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